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Hearing Tests
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Online Hearing screening

Take our quick online hearing test to see whether you have good hearing!

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Consulting at Mediclinic Paarl Specialist Consulting Rooms

3 Vezelay way, Val de Vie Evergreen

We consult at the Mediclinic Paarl Specialist Consultation Rooms on Fridays from 9:00 - 16:00.  Full diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aid trials and fittings.  Hearing aid accessories and batteries are also available to buy. Contact us to find out more.

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Your Hearing is in Good Hands

We offer proactive, quality hearing services in a safe and comfortable environment. At Tamara van Zyl Audiology, your hearing is our number one priority. A hearing test is a quick, painless procedure. It provides us with important diagnostic information to be able to help you on your path to better hearing! Tamara van Zyl & Anneke Schultz will be at your service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

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What are the 5 most common signs of a hearing loss?

  1. Turning the TV volume up to high to be able to hear

  2. Difficulty hearing in noisy places like restaurants 

  3. Difficulty in hearing woman and children voices

  4. Tinnitus - ringing in your ears that are usually high in pitch, but can be low pitched

  5. Having difficulty in following a conversation when there are 2 or more speakers

What are the consequences of untreated hearing loss?

  1. Withdrawal from social situations

  2. Depression, anger, stress and fatigue

  3. Impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks 

  4. Diminished quality of life

  5. Increased risk for dementia 

What must I do if I suspect I have a hearing loss?

Have your hearing tested, this gives important information about the type of hearing loss and the degree of hearing loss. A hearing test then enables me to help you to decide what the best rehabilitation option is for your hearing loss - ranging from surgery to hearing aids. You might also be referred to a Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for treatment.

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Paediatric hearing tests

Diagnostic hearing tests

Hearing tests for any age

If you’re looking for a full range of audiology services then Tamara van Zyl can assist. Phone or email us today for an appointment to experience firsthand how we can help you in your journey to better hearing

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Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

Tamara van Zyl provides her patients with access to quality hearing healthcare. In 2000, Tamara van Zyl qualified at the University of Pretoria as a Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist.  She has worked in a variety of settings, learning as much about rehabilitation and intervention for people with a hearing loss. Since then, her mission has been to provide quality hearing healthcare.

From hearing tests, diagnosing hearing loss, cochlear implant services, hearing aid fittings, our personalized services allow her to manage whatever hearing concern patients might have. Book an appointment today and see what we can do for you or your loved ones.


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Paarl Medical Centre, Suite 13, Berlyn street, Paarl

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